‘From Me To You’ Beatles cover by Jess Thristan – single out November 27th

It’s a relatively common trope now (particularly in the run up to Christmas) to take an upbeat song by a classic band and slow it down for maximum emotional impact. That’s exactly the case for this classy take on The Beatles’ ‘From Me to You’, and thankfully this is one of the best demonstrations of that method you’ll find.

Opting for a slow build and starting with simple piano and vocal, the arrangement builds towards the end to great effect. Adding layers throughout, the song has a natural crescendo which isn’t there in the original, which in comparison stays at one level throughout. Here though, there’s an ebb and flow, thanks to the extra space the song as a whole has to breathe.

Of course, you can’t possibly say this is an improvement on the original. It’s a classic for a reason. But this is a different beast which just happens to have the same lyrics, chord and melody, and it’s all the better for it.

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