George Montague impressive on new LP – ‘Curiouser and Curiouser George’

Out now, ‘Curiouser and Curiouser George’ is the new album from very promising songwriter and multi-instrumentalist George Montague. Boasting a huge 17 songs – very refreshing in today’s climate of albums clocking in at ten or less – the album demonstrates why there’s such a buzz around this young man.

Talented in many ways, Montague is a songwriter, composer, producer and a dab hand at a whole raft of instruments. This presumably means that he is able to wear many hats while working in the studio, and is able to put his own unique stamp on the results. If that’s so, then this is a very strong showing indeed, as indicated by the excellent video above for single and album track ‘Lost’.

Dale McKay hopes to ‘Make You Happy’ with new single

Every now and again an artist comes along with a voice that simply has to be applauded for its quality. Dale McKay is just such an artist. One listen to latest single ‘Make You Happy’ shows a natural, high quality voice put to great use with his very own funked up version of pop.

The single is being made available ahead of the release of a new EP, ‘Here and Now’, on September 16th. And if each of the tracks on that release showcase his vocal and songwriting as well as this taster, then there’s potentially a big future for Dale McKay. Not bad at all for an unassuming independent songwriter from Yorkshire.