Luke Potter – ‘Something More’ single

Chilled and subtle in all the right ways, ‘Something More’ is the thoughtful new single from highly thought-of UK songwriter Luke Potter. Now in his early 20s, this is a man with huge potential who has already worked with a host of top producers.

The single is also set to be included on a brand new album, coming next year, and you can whet the appetite for that by purchasing your very own copy on iTunes.

Ellie Jane, star in the making, releases ‘Clocks’ single and EP

An artist on the up, Ellie Jane is a female singer-songwriter whose wide ranging pop sound is winning many fans. Her new single ‘Clocks’, which also happens to be the title track of her new EP, sees her on sparkling form.

Opening gently and benefitting from a slow addition of layers, the song is mature, well-written pop from an artist who is still in her early days. If she can continue to grow and build on these foundations, Ellie Jane won’t be a hidden gem much longer.

George Montague impressive on new LP – ‘Curiouser and Curiouser George’

Out now, ‘Curiouser and Curiouser George’ is the new album from very promising songwriter and multi-instrumentalist George Montague. Boasting a huge 17 songs – very refreshing in today’s climate of albums clocking in at ten or less – the album demonstrates why there’s such a buzz around this young man.

Talented in many ways, Montague is a songwriter, composer, producer and a dab hand at a whole raft of instruments. This presumably means that he is able to wear many hats while working in the studio, and is able to put his own unique stamp on the results. If that’s so, then this is a very strong showing indeed, as indicated by the excellent video above for single and album track ‘Lost’.

Dale McKay hopes to ‘Make You Happy’ with new single

Every now and again an artist comes along with a voice that simply has to be applauded for its quality. Dale McKay is just such an artist. One listen to latest single ‘Make You Happy’ shows a natural, high quality voice put to great use with his very own funked up version of pop.

The single is being made available ahead of the release of a new EP, ‘Here and Now’, on September 16th. And if each of the tracks on that release showcase his vocal and songwriting as well as this taster, then there’s potentially a big future for Dale McKay. Not bad at all for an unassuming independent songwriter from Yorkshire.

Naomi (the artist formerly known as Caleidra) returns with new EP

Thoughtful and mature at the same time as boasting a hugely infectious melody or two, ‘Rivers Run’ is the latest track from UK singer-songwriter Naomi.

The track is a strong precursor to ‘Take Back the Power’, an EP which comes out on April 22nd, and is yet another example of why the UK press and top UK producers are falling over each other to get on board with this talented youngster.

Seemingly wise beyond her years, Naomi is arguably one of the most exciting independent prospects on the UK music scene – a reputation which can only grow thanks to this top quality release.

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Bollywood meets pop in new single from Natalie Indya West & Sunny Andrea – ‘Goddess’

Infectious and hypnotic, the track above is a new single out now from Sunny Andrea and Natalie Indya West. Adding Bollywood genre influences to the pure pop formula, it makes for a fun listen which offers an effective alternative from the bland pop that often circulates in independent circles.

Mixed with the help of the production team at The Next Room (Snoop Dogg, Kimberly Wyatt, East 17 plus many more), the track crawls under the skin with its looping patterns, and induces a trance like feeling once it kicks into gear.


‘Mirrors & Windows’ – new single from Helen Perris

Beautiful, lilting and lush, the new single from Helen Perris is a brightly wrapped pop song but with a darker core. ‘Mirrors & Windows’ takes the subject of depression and loneliness and addresses those feelings with subtle depth. However, by focusing also on the silly foibles of the human condition, Perris is also happy to laugh at the things we do to keep ourselves going.

It’s an interesting mix, something of a difficult subject matter blended with a pure pop sound, and it makes for a touchingly original song. Ordinarily, such deep themes matched by the tone (hello Damien Rice), but this is a little different and it sets it apart.

Keep an eye on Helen Perris, a talented Australian songwriter with great potential.

‘From Me To You’ Beatles cover by Jess Thristan – single out November 27th

It’s a relatively common trope now (particularly in the run up to Christmas) to take an upbeat song by a classic band and slow it down for maximum emotional impact. That’s exactly the case for this classy take on The Beatles’ ‘From Me to You’, and thankfully this is one of the best demonstrations of that method you’ll find.

Opting for a slow build and starting with simple piano and vocal, the arrangement builds towards the end to great effect. Adding layers throughout, the song has a natural crescendo which isn’t there in the original, which in comparison stays at one level throughout. Here though, there’s an ebb and flow, thanks to the extra space the song as a whole has to breathe.

Of course, you can’t possibly say this is an improvement on the original. It’s a classic for a reason. But this is a different beast which just happens to have the same lyrics, chord and melody, and it’s all the better for it.

Double A side single out now from Carmel – ‘Sad Situation’ & ‘Second Wife Blues’

With a lovely and lilting sound, the new track pairing from vocalist Carmel is a gentle treat with some dark lyrical undertones. An experienced musician with a lot to say about the world around here, Carmel emerges from a career hiatus with a double A side single that is quietly powerful in its approach. The fact is, the world as Carmel sees it has cons as well as pros, but the fact that it all comes wrapped in such lovely, subtle music makes it an easier pill to swallow.

Jess Thristan – ‘Live on Love’, new EP and video

Light on its feet and with a lovely sense of fun, this is the latest video from excellent UK songwriter Jess Thristan. ‘Live on Love’ is the title track from her new EP, which was released on Monday.

Having always loved a touch of acoustic country, Jess Thristan has fully embraced it with this particular track, giving it a beautiful, lilting style that really helps it stick out. It very much suits the weather around the UK at the moment too – a perfect summer song to match those blue skies.

Combining the upbeat with the laid back is a difficult trick to pull off, but this lovely magician has continued a hot run of form by doing just that.