‘What Can Love Create?’ single out now from Nine Beats Collective; ‘Nine Beats to the Bar’ album coming soon

Beautifully crafted and performed, ‘What Can Love Create?’ is the second single from a new album titled ‘Nine Beats to the Bar’; set for release on June 19th from the Nine Beats Collective.

This is a group of creatives from around the world who have been united by one goal – to create an album inspired by a group of bible passages called the Beatitudes.

With this one simple brief, the different artists have spun their own versions and perspectives outwards from this one shared inspiration. The range of results on the final release is dazzling, with ‘What Can Love Create?’ among the many highlights.

Ellie Jane, star in the making, releases ‘Clocks’ single and EP

An artist on the up, Ellie Jane is a female singer-songwriter whose wide ranging pop sound is winning many fans. Her new single ‘Clocks’, which also happens to be the title track of her new EP, sees her on sparkling form.

Opening gently and benefitting from a slow addition of layers, the song is mature, well-written pop from an artist who is still in her early days. If she can continue to grow and build on these foundations, Ellie Jane won’t be a hidden gem much longer.

Dale McKay hopes to ‘Make You Happy’ with new single

Every now and again an artist comes along with a voice that simply has to be applauded for its quality. Dale McKay is just such an artist. One listen to latest single ‘Make You Happy’ shows a natural, high quality voice put to great use with his very own funked up version of pop.

The single is being made available ahead of the release of a new EP, ‘Here and Now’, on September 16th. And if each of the tracks on that release showcase his vocal and songwriting as well as this taster, then there’s potentially a big future for Dale McKay. Not bad at all for an unassuming independent songwriter from Yorkshire.

Philip Murray Warson releases new free single, ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’

There are few things in life, musically speaking, more pleasurable than the warmth of an acoustic guitar and a soft vocal. With new single ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ UK folk artist Philip Murray Warson delivers both in droves. His spot on guitar playing, overlaid by his raw, unfiltered voice make this a track well worth checking out – especially seeing as fans of the song can download it for free.

If you enjoy ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ and would like to hear more from Philip Murray Warson, you’re in luck. There’s an album due later this year, as well as a number of live dates. First though, you can check out his last EP here, yours for only a couple of pounds.

Simple but complex – new acoustic EP from Calming River

Pared back and simple at the same time as being impressively complex and intricate, the music of Calming River walks a fine balance. Built around the foundation of some excellent finger picked acoustic guitar, his songs are infused with style and feeling from the get go – and that’s without even mentioning the relatable and very real lyrics.

New EP ‘The Ones We Left Behind’ shares many tropes with the work of Damien Rice – particularly a dark atmosphere which is rescued from becoming maudlin through sheer talent. Yes, the subject matter isn’t the happiest, but that doesn’t matter because all you can hear is the marriage of acoustic guitar and vocal. That pairing is a timeless one, passed down through the ages, and this EP is a timely reminder of why.


EP: ‘In Pursuit of Happiness’ – Flaming June

With a light, musical touch and beautifully cambered melodies, Flaming June have for a long time now been releasing music which will tickle folk fancies. And although they have reintroduced a fuller band sound for new EP ‘In Pursuit of Happiness’, the addition of new layers has done little to dampen those qualities.

IF anything, the new layers have added extra texture to Flaming June’s melodic tapestry. Previous EPs, more focussed on acoustic sounds, have been lovely explorations of female empowerment or lack thereof in the modern world. ‘In Pursuit of Happiness’ keeps these themes, but has more freedom to play with the structures and ideas thanks to the wider range of instruments involved.

The song above is a great example – clever song writing, full of great ideas and complimented by the ebb and flow of the full band sound. For more, the website is here.

Philip Murray Warson is ‘The Last of the Hunted’ on new EP

A specialist in lilting acoustic folk, Philip Murray Warson is a very exciting songwriter. At only 25 he’s a seasoned performer, and it shows in the maturity of his lyrics and melodies. There’s a scale, between being completely forgettable and going over the top on the cheese in trying to create something catchy. Warson does a great job of walking that line.

His new EP, ‘Last of the Hunted’, is out now on Bandcamp. Arguably more of a double A single, the EP comprises two top quality tracks of beautiful folk. One darker than the other, both lovely and laid back while delivering emotional wallop.

Double A side single out now from Carmel – ‘Sad Situation’ & ‘Second Wife Blues’

With a lovely and lilting sound, the new track pairing from vocalist Carmel is a gentle treat with some dark lyrical undertones. An experienced musician with a lot to say about the world around here, Carmel emerges from a career hiatus with a double A side single that is quietly powerful in its approach. The fact is, the world as Carmel sees it has cons as well as pros, but the fact that it all comes wrapped in such lovely, subtle music makes it an easier pill to swallow.