Alexander Wolfe hits with third album ‘From the Shallows’

Reportedly his most ambitious album to date, singer-songwriter Alexander Wolfe’s ‘From The Shallows’ is available now on iTunes and other online stockists.

The album sees the London based artist return to a bigger sound after the stripped down acoustica of 2nd album ‘Skeletons’, allowing Wolfe more room to play with genre conceptions. Nominally a folk artist (as you can see from the single above), he also dabbles with more straightforward indie sounds and even a bit of pop for good measure (not the horrible cheesy kind of course).

‘Sliding Off the Edge of the World’ album out now from NuBorg; London show this week

Sometimes it’s quite clear that a new artist is coming at music from one of two directions. Some are all instinct, wearing their heart on their sleeve with the lyrics and putting it to music that is scruffy and unkempt, getting by on emotion and charisma. Others are planners, who obsess over every word, melody and sound to come up with exactly what they want, and can sometimes come across as cold and unfeeling as a result of their working and re-working of songs.

Somehow, Norway based NuBorg is both.

The melodies and lyrics on show throughout her debut album ‘Sliding Off the Edge of the World’ are by turns heart rending and uplifting, outpourings from the heart that have the potential to move you. Then, the music is so careful, so well produced and structured that it can’t simply be an accident. These are carefully written songs which, while slow in pace, are still written with emotional abandon. It’s an impressive mix and marks NuBorg out as a genuine artist amongst the din that is the independent scene these days.

The new album is out now on iTunes (, and if you like what it offers as much as we do you should get along to The Islington in London this Thursday. Entrance is £5, and NuBorg will take to the stage with her band in the UK for the first time. Don’t miss it if you’re in the area (or even if you’re not).

New Josh Healey‘s New EP ‘Lost, Found & Lost Again’ Out Now

Josh Healey’s new EP Lost, Found & Lost Again is out now and is already getting national radio play for it.

The lead track, Sometimes, starts the EP with a very relaxing and laid back feel, the acoustic guitar very subtle in the background with the vocals carrying the song. There is a hint of folk in the song which carrys the song very well, breaking the song up between verses. Tom Robinson of BBC 6 Music has already been playing this track which is huge statement to how well written this track is to start off the EP.

A more upbeat track to follow with People Like You, a song to tap your feet to but a very strong message in the lyrics of the song about society today. The song helps the EP along after the lead track to show that Josh can write powerful upbeat music with strong underlining messages and make it work with more soft acoustic songs.

City of Saints has a beautiful finger picked intro that carries the song and shows off Josh’s talent on the acoustic guitar. A simple song of just Josh and his acoustic guitar in very stripped down and raw track. The title track Lost, Found & Lost Again closes the EP perfectly. The intro of acoustic guitar and piano which play throughout give the perfect accompaniment to Josh’s soft vocals in a very heartfelt track to close the EP.

Josh’s beautiful subtle tones have already been compared favourably with the legendary Nick Drake, which can’t be bad!

The EP ‘Lost, Found & Lost Again’ is available now on iTunes here.




Jess Thristan’s much anticipated Little Bird out now

One of the UK’s hottest new singer/songwriters 19 year old Jess Thristan is releasing the breath taking new single Little Bird. The wonderfully melodic and catchy tune is a masterly piece of music that fuses classic singer/songwriting with contemporary pop sensitivities.

The new single, which is out now, is a follow up to April’s Side By Side EP which gained major national radio play and reached number 8 in the iTunes singer/songwriter chart.

Little Bird shows a progression in the development of Jess as an extremely credible writer and performer and has already flying up the iTunes Singer/Songwriter charts in pre orders.

With Little Bird already achieving national radio play on BBC Radio 2 and a live performance on Clare Balding’s radio show, Little Bird looks certain to further Jess Thristan’s reputation.

Watch the video for Little Bird here

Buy Little Bird on iTunes