Luke Potter – ‘Something More’ single

Chilled and subtle in all the right ways, ‘Something More’ is the thoughtful new single from highly thought-of UK songwriter Luke Potter. Now in his early 20s, this is a man with huge potential who has already worked with a host of top producers.

The single is also set to be included on a brand new album, coming next year, and you can whet the appetite for that by purchasing your very own copy on iTunes.

Ellie Jane, star in the making, releases ‘Clocks’ single and EP

An artist on the up, Ellie Jane is a female singer-songwriter whose wide ranging pop sound is winning many fans. Her new single ‘Clocks’, which also happens to be the title track of her new EP, sees her on sparkling form.

Opening gently and benefitting from a slow addition of layers, the song is mature, well-written pop from an artist who is still in her early days. If she can continue to grow and build on these foundations, Ellie Jane won’t be a hidden gem much longer.

George Montague impressive on new LP – ‘Curiouser and Curiouser George’

Out now, ‘Curiouser and Curiouser George’ is the new album from very promising songwriter and multi-instrumentalist George Montague. Boasting a huge 17 songs – very refreshing in today’s climate of albums clocking in at ten or less – the album demonstrates why there’s such a buzz around this young man.

Talented in many ways, Montague is a songwriter, composer, producer and a dab hand at a whole raft of instruments. This presumably means that he is able to wear many hats while working in the studio, and is able to put his own unique stamp on the results. If that’s so, then this is a very strong showing indeed, as indicated by the excellent video above for single and album track ‘Lost’.

New single – ‘Safe Island’ – Rachel Johnson

Rachel Johnson is a young songwriter from Edinburgh whose new single ‘Safe Island’ is out now. And it’s quite a track.

Following on the heels of well received recent single ‘Pieces of Me’, ‘Safe Island’ is arguably an even stronger track. It’s out now on iTunes, and should be sought out if you’re a fan of new artists with real potential.

Naomi (the artist formerly known as Caleidra) returns with new EP

Thoughtful and mature at the same time as boasting a hugely infectious melody or two, ‘Rivers Run’ is the latest track from UK singer-songwriter Naomi.

The track is a strong precursor to ‘Take Back the Power’, an EP which comes out on April 22nd, and is yet another example of why the UK press and top UK producers are falling over each other to get on board with this talented youngster.

Seemingly wise beyond her years, Naomi is arguably one of the most exciting independent prospects on the UK music scene – a reputation which can only grow thanks to this top quality release.

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‘Something Better’ – fittingly titled new single from Tablefox

Hitting the ground running but treating the listener to a slow build to a big chorus, ‘Something Better’ is a new track from Tablefox – a band from New Zealand. The song is taken from their album ‘Objects’, and is a fine demonstration of why their music is high on the list for may indie music fans at the moment.

Simple but complex – new acoustic EP from Calming River

Pared back and simple at the same time as being impressively complex and intricate, the music of Calming River walks a fine balance. Built around the foundation of some excellent finger picked acoustic guitar, his songs are infused with style and feeling from the get go – and that’s without even mentioning the relatable and very real lyrics.

New EP ‘The Ones We Left Behind’ shares many tropes with the work of Damien Rice – particularly a dark atmosphere which is rescued from becoming maudlin through sheer talent. Yes, the subject matter isn’t the happiest, but that doesn’t matter because all you can hear is the marriage of acoustic guitar and vocal. That pairing is a timeless one, passed down through the ages, and this EP is a timely reminder of why.

EP: ‘In Pursuit of Happiness’ – Flaming June

With a light, musical touch and beautifully cambered melodies, Flaming June have for a long time now been releasing music which will tickle folk fancies. And although they have reintroduced a fuller band sound for new EP ‘In Pursuit of Happiness’, the addition of new layers has done little to dampen those qualities.

IF anything, the new layers have added extra texture to Flaming June’s melodic tapestry. Previous EPs, more focussed on acoustic sounds, have been lovely explorations of female empowerment or lack thereof in the modern world. ‘In Pursuit of Happiness’ keeps these themes, but has more freedom to play with the structures and ideas thanks to the wider range of instruments involved.

The song above is a great example – clever song writing, full of great ideas and complimented by the ebb and flow of the full band sound. For more, the website is here.

Bollywood meets pop in new single from Natalie Indya West & Sunny Andrea – ‘Goddess’

Infectious and hypnotic, the track above is a new single out now from Sunny Andrea and Natalie Indya West. Adding Bollywood genre influences to the pure pop formula, it makes for a fun listen which offers an effective alternative from the bland pop that often circulates in independent circles.

Mixed with the help of the production team at The Next Room (Snoop Dogg, Kimberly Wyatt, East 17 plus many more), the track crawls under the skin with its looping patterns, and induces a trance like feeling once it kicks into gear.


‘Chameleon’ single from Des Horsfall and Pete Townshend – out Dec 11th

The new single above is ‘Chameleon’, performed by Des Horsfall and Pete Townshend (The Who). Released on Friday (Dec 11th), the single is taken from Horsfall’s new album ‘The Bastard’s Tin’.

The entire triple album, released next year, pays tribute to Ronnie Lane, former bassist for The Small Faces. Over his career, Lane inspired many other musicians, including cult folkie Horsfall and Townshend who went on to become a household name in his own right.

‘Chameleon’, written as a love letter by Lane’s ex-wife Katy, is a fitting collaborative tribute.